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  • Carl Anka

    Carl Anka

    I just write about things I’m curious about and upload it when you’re not looking.

  • Grexter Living

    Grexter Living

    Co-living spaces for the coolest kids on the block.

  • Reuven Gorsht

    Reuven Gorsht

    Corporate exec turned entrepreneur. Raising a family, growing a team.

  • Steven Farmer

    Steven Farmer

    Short bios suck. #WWMBD?

  • Nancy Booth

    Nancy Booth

    As a lover of God and creator of safe spaces, visit www.mysacredmoments to become fully present and discover ways to have two-way prayer conversations with God.

  • Margot Mazur

    Margot Mazur

    Tech enthusiast. Partnerships @HubSpot. Drinking wine and ranting about it.

  • Prepaid Africa

    Prepaid Africa

    Informal, social, flexible, cash intensive and rural markets and economies. Biashara Economics. Written by @nitibhan

  • David Morrison

    David Morrison

    Co-founder, Awesome Co. Head of Product/Technology, ALOHA. Endurance athlete. Father of Max.

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